We fully understand the dilemmas when your child is not feeling well. There is the demand to work and there is the desire
     to be with your sick child. Rightly so, you are thinking of your situation.  However, it is our job to think of the whole group
     and of the illness passing through the whole room. We ask that you use your professional judgement as parents.   Ask
     yourselves this question: "Would I want my child in the room with a child this sick?"  Children with contagion or an                      obvious acute illness will not be allowed to stay. Contagion includes bad colds and the flu. 
                                                                   Contagion                 Child May Return 
                                                                   chicken pox              scabs are healed over
                                                                   conjunctivitis             24 hours on antibiotic; no discharge
                                                                   coxsackie virus         No visible sores on hands, feet or mouth
                                                                   diarrhea                      12 hours without an episode; no fever
                                                                   vomiting                     12 hours without an episode; no fever
                                                                   ear infection              12 hours on antibiotic; no fever
                                                                   head lice                     Treatment; no nits or lice present
                                                                   impetigo                      24 hours on antibiotic and dry lesions
                                                                   rashes                          Identified and treated and noncommunicable by a doctor
                                                                   strep throat                 48 hours on antibiotic; no fever
                                                                   FEVER                         <100.5 for 24 hours WITHOUT use of Tylenol etc.         

       If a child is sick for 3 consecutive days, a physician's note is required for their return.   All decisions for a child to be well 
       enough to return to the center will be made at the discretion of the director.​
       If your child becomes ill at Over The Rainbow, you will be called immediately. You are required to pick up your child
       within 30 minutes of this phone call (or make arrangements with the director) or your emergency contact person will  be
       notified to pick up your child. 

        You will be called for, but not limited to the following reasons: Diarrhea (one episode); vomiting (one episode); unknown
         rash; temperature of >100.5.  A child who is sent home with a fever CANNOT return the next day, even if it is over the
        ​ 24 hour mark.

Sick Policy